learn 5 tips to choose your beginner surfboard

How to Choose A Beginner Surfboard?

Choosing the wrong beginner surfboard can be discouraging and take you away from one of the most satisfying water sport. In this video find out 5 tips or more to help you find your beginner surfboard and learn to surf in a fast and safe way.

The first thing to choose the correct surfboard to begin surfing is the size of the board. Check that the surfboard is not shorter than 9 feet long and not less than 22 inches wide and more than 2 1/2 thick.

The tale of a beginner surfboard  has to be square and flat to hold maximum stability.

The rails of the beginner surfboard have to be almost the same thick as the center of the board.

These things are going to help you to have the best flotation on the board.

Another very important thing, is that it must have a round nose. A round nose has fewer chances to get hurt. The other super important thing is that at the time of catching your wave, the round nose of the board is going to help you to don’t nosedive.

In a beginners’ longboard you must have a long central fin with two side fins. This is gonna maximize the stability of the surfboard. If you find boards without these side fins and you are
a complete beginner these surfboards are gonna be harder to stand upon. 

The leash has to be at least the same length of the surfboard, to maximize security. Remember, that the longer the leash more secure you gonna be.
Never wear a leash shorter than your surfboard!

Use surfers’ wax to stick your feet and your body to the surfboard.

And good waves! Pura vida!