Playa Grande a beach in a nature reserve

Our most popular surf lessons spot is at Playa Grande beach. A beautiful beach located in a nature reserve. In order to get to Playa Grande we walk 20 minutes through a path that takes us along other beautiful beaches. As a result of their location within the Gulf of Nicoya, 15 km from the cape of the peninsula, these beaches receive a lot of plastic and micro plastic constantly.

Every day during my walk to Playa Grande, I fill my hands with all the plastic they can hold. Without stopping too much so that my beach cleaning doesn’t interrupt the walk but to integrate it into my routine.

I have noticed that my students feel inspired and motivated by this action and many collaborate picking up as much plastic as they can. With the help of my students, we have managed to gather almost 80 kilos in the last month.

I do not know if it’s casualty or luck but strangely the most motivated students in the collection of plastics and beach cleaning are almost always the students who are in the right place and time to take excellent waves throughout the surf class! It feels as if the wave is coming to them. This has made me think that those most connected to beach cleaning generate good karma and receive excellent waves as a reward.

What is karma?

Karma is a Sanskrit word that means “action.” It is equivalent to Newton’s “every action generates a reaction” law. When we think, talk, or act we create a force that reacts accordingly. This force of return may be modified, changed, or suspended, but most people will not be able to escape it. This law of cause and effect is not a punishment, but rather the opposite, it is entirely for the sake of evolution.

“The Law of Karma is the law that punishes the ignorant and gives freedom to the wise.” -Ernest Holmes

More information about Karma here.

Beginner surfer girl at Playa Grande Montezuma riding a great wave!!

In conclusion

The ocean returns the love and care we give to it with good waves. In short, we have to take care of our planet, every action no matter how small it is, not only rewards us with good waves but one feels better when you realize that you are making a difference with small actions. Moreover, everything has an impact on your Karma, Good Surf Karma. In conclusion, it has helped me to understand that what defines you as a surfer is your attitude towards the nature that surrounds you.