It's time to enjoy life

Our Surf and Yoga retreat will take you out of the routine to lodge you in a beachfront paradise for an unforgettable vacation week!

Balanced Blissful Surf and Yoga Retreat Program

We combine: daily surf lessons at the best pristine  beach with yoga classes under palm trees, guided activities to get to know the local lifestyle, 1 full day snorkeling tour to Tortuga Island and of course there is always time to relax in the hammocks. Every day you will enjoy 3 delicious and healthy meals that will fill your body with energy to enjoy a revitalizing experience.

Beachfront Lodging

Our lodging is located in the coastal town of Cabuya, just 2km from the southern tip of the Nicoya peninsula where the Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve (the first National Protected Area Park in the Costa Rica) is located making it possible to live with wildlife in perfect harmony, which makes this experience much more enriching.

Under this scenario we invite you to participate in our Surf and Yoga retreat, where we will accommodate you in a comfortable beachfront house, surrounded by a beautiful tropical garden, with access to a restaurant and swimming pool. Our staff is here to make you feel at home and make sure you relax and enjoy.
Our menu is designed with the help of nutritionists for the greatest benefit for your body and performance in the daily activities of Surf and Yoga in this tropical climate.

Where we surf

The first classes are at Playa Grande Montezuma. A stunning beach, within Romelia National Wildlife Refuge, surrounded by two national parks and wildlife conservation areas. It’s located a few kilometers inside the Gulf of Nicoya and facing south.

This protects Playa Grande (Romelia Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre) from the waves and currents of the open ocean, which allows the sandbar to be maintained all year round and thus guarantees good conditions for surfing all year round.

The only way to access Playa Grande is through a beautiful path bordering the sea, “Sendero el Sueño Verde“. 

In addition of being full of history is the only access enabled since all the area is absolute protected area only walking access is permitted, this ensures nature and few people on the beach and surfing. Our equipment is at Refugio Romelia, so you just have to carry your personal items.

Surf Retreat Program

Our surf retreat program is a proven program to provide a progressive, yet fun surfing experience leading to confidence in the water and your surfing skills.

The surf program begins with a theoretical introduction about behavior and attitude in class, surf equipment, safety protocol, and basic surf techniques. Then we will go to the practical part in the water in the safe zone of the white water where we will begin to put into action everything learned in the theoretical. On the first day, we focus on maintaining a relaxed behavior and a positive attitude in the water also in following the 5 safety rules of the protocol and finally in the basic techniques of surfing.
In each class we will evaluate the skills and performance of each person to be able to plan and tailor our next class, sometimes we have to separate the group to guarantee that everyone can enjoy the surfing sessions at their level.

The objective of this surfing program is that each person can improve their behavior and attitude in surfing sessions, enter the water with the security of understanding the preventive safety protocol to know how and where to move in the water.

Goals and objectives

Level 1

 – Beginner level

Each participant learn the basic techniques of surfing and that this allows the participant to enter the safe zone of the white water and to be able to catch waves by himself/herself in a consistent way, stand up on the board, run the wave with control until the end and get off the surfboard in a suitable and safe form.

Level 2

More than one surfing experience

The participant can paddle with the help of the instructor behind the wave breaker using the techniques to cross waves with the surfboard, sit on the board and wait for the waves, choose a wave with the help of the instructor, paddle the wave and with the support of the instructor can grab the wave and run it on the face of the wave with medium control until the end and be able to return behind the wave breaker by itself.

Level 3

– Regular surfing experiences –

The goal is that the participant paddle behind the wave breaker on their own using the techniques to cross waves with the surfboard. Sit on the surfboard to wait for the waves, and with the help of the instructor choose a wave, paddle for the wave and grab it by itself, surf the face of the wave with full control until the end, dismount from the surfboard and be able to go back of the wave breaker on its own.

What's included

5 surf lessons

5 yoga session

7 nights accommodation

Transportation to the beach and back to the Hotel

Breakfast, lunch & dinner 7 days

Certified and experienced surf Coach 

Visit Montezuma Waterfalls

Visit Cabuya Island

1 snorkeling tour to Tortuga Island 

Graduation dinner

Welcome drink 

Orientation Dinner and meeting

Choose Your Lodging style

Pick a lodging option that best fits your budget. We can tailor something special for your party, contact us!

Shared Bungalow


+ tax

Shared bungalow for up to 3 people




Healthy delicious meals

Activities and Tours

Private bungalow


+ tax

Private for 1 person




Healthy delicious meals

Activities and Tours

Private for 2


+ tax

Private for 2 person




Healthy delicious meals

Activities and Tours

Feel the sand under your feet, breathe ocean and listen to nature. Travel, explore, live adventures and recharge in our Surf and Yoga Retreat

walk next to the ocean and leave your mark on the sand

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