Intermediatte surfer riding green waves

Our logo has mutated throughout the years but the concept remained firm: our love for the sun and waves.


Surfing for us is freedom and forgetting about the world, surfing is our therapy, our escape call it as you wish, surfing makes us happy!


Clueless young entrepreneurs


Nicoya Surf & SUP old logoOur first logo took a long time to come to life. Working with your significant other sometimes can be more difficult than working with a stranger! The process was long, however, the concept was always clear from the beginning. In addition, our budget was low and there was no money to pay for a graphic designer so I did my best and used my don’t have a clue of what I’m doing graphic designer skills and tried to express surf soul and our concept into the logo. The result now makes me laugh out loud but at that moment, we embrace it and use it proudly even though we knew it could be improved, we were starting our surf school so everything could be improved and so we did!


With a little help of our friends


Nicoya Surf & SUP old logoFor the second logo we had the help of 2 different friends with better graphic design skills who gave a more clean and pro-look to our logo. Our surf school grow along with our logo so we stamped it in beautiful t-shirts done by our friends at La Cueva del Dengue. While working on this second logo we discuss it between ourselves and decided to remove the palm tree and focused more on the sun and surf. Bye bye palm tree!


The materialization of our dreams logo


Nicoya Surf & SUP logo todayFor the third logo we had a friend who happens to be a professional graphic designer to finally express our love for the sun and waves in a firm simple logo! A powerful logo that calls to learn to surf and feel free and happy in nature. That’s how we feel about it and are grateful to all the friends that have helped us in the process of getting here with this beautiful logo. Along with the new logo arrived the new t-shirts, new rashguards, caps and even a new website!


We have grown along the way with our logos, improving our surf lessons, getting international certifications and added more services (surf lessons, surf courses, Surf and Yoga Retreats, SUP tours and board rentals)