We take advantage of our great location at the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula an offer you Surf & SUP classes in the most stunning locations. We are always ready for new adventures and can customize something special for you, inquire here.

All our services include Surf equipment, drinks & snacks, stunning locations, photos session, the beach with the best surf conditions, local culture and transportation. Check our services for more detailed information

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Beginner Surf Class

Never caught a wave before? No problem, we will take you to one of our beautiful sandy beaches and teach you: attitude and behavior in the water, safety protocol and basic techniques of surfing. You will be up and catching waves sooner than you think.

In Nicoya Surf School, classes are two hours and safety is our primary focus. This is why our Beginner Surf Class is always on beach breaks (the ones with long sandy bar bottom), where we will be doing the theoretical introduction, that covers:

  • accident prevention
  • attitude and behavior in the water
  • local surf codes
  • Introduction and practice in the sand the basic techniques for surfing
What’s included:
  • Surf equipment.
  • 2 hours surf class
  • Water & fruits. Our instructors will transform into professional photographers to capture the begin of a glorious surfer!
Class Prices

Open Group Class, 1 Instructor for every 3 students.  $50  per person per class, 3 classes  for $135, 5 classes for $200 

Private Class for 2 students $ 125. 3 classes for $360. 5 classes for $575

Exclusive Class for 1 person $75. 3 classes for  $ 210. 5 classes for $325

For private groups or families rates please contact us.

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Upper-Beginner Surf Class

In the Upper-Beginner Surf Lessons, we will teach you to paddle out to the line-up, catch the waves and stand up before they break, control the surfboard and ride on the green wall of the wave.

With the right introduction, coaching and practice you will have the chance to improve your surfing fast and safely.

Surfing at the Point Break

For this level of surfers, we offer classes in Cabuya one of the best Point Brake in the country, with long, perfect and gentle waves this is the place to make the step forward from the white water to the green waves.

What’s included:
  • Two hours of surfing lesson with a theoretical introduction to attitude, safety and upper-beginner techniques of surfing.
  • All surf equipment.
  • Water, fruits, and cold drinks for the photo session after surfing.

Open Group Class, 1 Instructor for every 3 students. 1 class $50 per person. 3 classes for $ 135. 5 classes for $200

Private class for 2 students, 1 class $125. 3 classes for $360 5 classes for $ 575

Private for 1 person 1 c;ass $75. 3 classes for $ 210. 5 classes for $325

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Surf Safari

For those who are consistent intermediate level or advanced surfers we offer the  “Surfing Safari”. Here we will take you to the beach with the best conditions every day, at the right time (depending tide and winds). South Nicoya Peninsula has two coasts facing to opposites sides, that allows this little corner in the world to receive swells all year round from any part in the Pacific ocean and there is always a beach with good winds too!

What’s included?
  • 3-hour guided surf session
  • All surf equipment.
  • Water, fruits, and cold drinks for the photo session after surfing.
  • Transportation from your place to the beach and back.

Private Surf Safari, one to one session $120, for 3 sessions $345 . for 5 sessions $550

Private for two persons one session $200. for 3 sessions $550

Open group Surf Safari, max three persons per instructor, 1 session $80 per person. for 3 sessions 225 . for 5 sessions $350.

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 Kid Surf Class

Introducing your kids early into surfing is the best gift you can give them!
This beautiful sport is much easier to learn when your body and brain are flexible and your panics are much less than when you are adult. The Nicoya Peninsula offers the perfect places for the kids to learn to surf with long and big sandy bar bottom beaches where the kids can relax and have fun all the time during the surf class.

What’s included:
  • Appropriate surf equipment for kids.
  • Water & fruits.
  • plentiful wildlife and dazzling sceneries

Children under 8 years-old- 1-hour surf lesson (with special kids theoretical introduction to safety, technique, and behavior in the water), one kid one instructor. 1 class  $ 50. 3 classes for $ 135. 5 classes for $200

8 to 15 years-old kids– 1:30 hours surf lesson (with a theoretical introduction to safety, techniques, and behaviors in the water) one instructor every two kids. 1 class $ 50per kid. 3 classes for $135per kid 5 classes for $200 per kid 

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SUP. Stand Up Paddle – Class, and Tour

All our tours include all SUP equipment, water, fruits, snacks, and transportation.

Montezuma and Cabuya provide the perfect scenery for SUP sessions. We have it all, very calm water for beginners and long and gentle point breaks for the intermediate and advanced levels.

Beginner SUP Class

We will take you to the beach with the calmest water in the area to introduce you to the equipment, safety protocol, basic techniques of Stand UP Paddle, history of the sport and the area.

Price $70 per person – Two hours of professional and ISA certificated instruction.

Intermediate SUP surfing

If you have previous experience and you control your balance, turning and paddling we offer guided tours to one of our point breaks to learn to catch waves and ride the face of the waves.

Price $80 per person – 2 and a half hours of professional and ISA certificated instruction.

All ages and levels are welcome.

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