Nicoya Costa Rica's Blue Zone

Did you know that Costa Rica has one of the five Blue zones on the planet? In this article find out what is a Blue Zone and Nicoya Peninsula Blue Zone centenarians’ secrets tips to live a healthy longer life

Blue Zone, how did it begin?

The concept of the blue zone was proposed after astrophysicist Michel Poulin and demographer Gianni Pes researched a region in Sardinia Italy where the average living age is 10 years longer than the rest of Europe. They marked this region in the map with a blue pilot.

Research took these two scientists to discover four more blue zones on the planet; Okinawa in Japan, Loma Linda California, the island of Icaria in Greece and the Peninsula of Nicoya in Costa Rica. All this was revealed by the journalist Dan Buettner from The National Geographic Society in the book ‘’ The Blue Zone’ and here they reveal the 9 common rules the people from these areas share.

Blue Zone Common Rules

Nicoya Costa Rica's Blue Zone

#1 Eat organic local food

#2 Small portions 

#2 Natural movement

#4 Low stress 

#5 Be surrounded by family

#6 Belong to the right tribe

#7 Fe

#8 Meaning for life

#9 Little of local liquor

Nicoya Peninsula Blue Zone in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, we have one of the five blue zones of the planet. The last sacred blue zone of Costa Rica is located in the Peninsula of Nicoya. It is conformed by Hojancha county, Nandayure county, Carrilo county, Santa Cruz county, and Nicoya county. The last census in 2018 showed that in this area, more than 200 people are 90 years old and 46 persons are over 100 years old. 


This region actually is the region in the world with more persons over a 100 years old on the planet and is the most longevity for men in the world too!!. Some of them are still working in the farms and preparing ancestral recipes and foods for the family including fermented beverages to share with friends and having nice chats.

Blue Zone Centenarians Lifestyle

For Costa Rica Blue Zone centenarians the concept of exercise is not going to the gym every day. It is more like having an active life, for example: walk to visit family and friends, walk to church every Sunday, prepare your food all by hand, chop wood for cooking, have a garden and grow your own food.

9 Rules of Blue Zones

Is relevant to say that all of them have family members and friends around to share respect, love and a healthy lifestyle everyday. In some cases it’s important that they feel still needed in the family like don Ignacio that at 104 years old he is able to still cook one meal a week for the family every Sunday. This is clearly giving to don Ignacio an emotional support and motivational meaning for life.

Ikigai: Meaning for Life

This might be the most important aspect. At the archipelago of Okinawa in Japan, they have a word to express this meaning for life is ‘Ikigai’. This is the vector of all the rest of the rules, this is so important to the point that humans have more chances to die in the first year of life and in the first year after retirement. Therefore, having a motivation to wake up every day becomes essential.

Ocean view real estate in Costa Rica

Living in Nicoya Peninsula Blue Zone

In the Peninsula of Nicoya we have one of the best weathers on the planet! With 6 month of dry season and 6 month of green season. The dry and hot days during the dry season combined with the daily activities keep the immune system in perfect condition, cleaning the body with a nice good sweat. In addition, the Nicoya Peninsula area has the first protected areas and Nationals Parks in Costa Rica. Creating an influenced zone in the surrounding areas providing excellent pure water, super clean fresh air and the music of mother earth in all its magnificence! If you are looking to immerse yourself in this blissful community you may want to take a look at real estate listings in this great zone. A surf and stay vacation in this influenced zone can be a great way to enjoy the benefits of the Nicoya Peninsula blue zone.

This pristine environment in Costa Rica’s Blue Zone with warm oceans, refreshing rivers and endless forest makes a big difference considering that genetics is only 20% in this equation!