día soleado en playa los Cedros beach

Located south of Montezuma and a few miles from the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula is Playa Los Cedros, certainly one of our favorite beaches!


Surfer girl and kids playing at the beach with great waves in the back


Because of its natural beauty and because it is one of the few beaches that caters to a wide variety of audiences! From adults, children, singles, couples, surfers, walkers and lazy people. Those who want sun and those who want shade. Los Cedros Beach offers comfort to everyone!

Playa Los Cedros is a beach that changes a lot with the tides, which allows it to offer fun for everyone.

At low tide

huella en la arena
  • It is ideal for those who like to take long walks on the beach, at low tide you can walk to Montezuma and/or Cabuya. Playa los Cedros has an approximate extension of 5 km but you can continue walking south to Cabuya or north to Montezuma.
  • It is ideal for those who like the sea calm as a swimming pool, in low tide small pools of calm salt water are formed which are fabulous to lie down, float and relax.

    árbol de manzanillo arbol venenoso

  • It is ideal for those who like to rest in the sand under the shade of palms and trees. It is one of the few beaches that offer good shading along its coast. However, you have to be careful with the camomile tree. It is a small, light green tree with a fruit that looks like a small green apple. Children love to climb it, but it is poisonous, brings out a rash that appears a few hours later and disappears in three days. If there is an old injury or cut on the body it can burn.

Girl playing soccer on a sunny beach day

  • It is ideal for sports, because of its width and length you can play soccer, Frisbee, etc. without interfering with the peace and happiness of others.
Surfer on a nice wave at playa los Cedros beach

At high tide

Ideal for surfing, Los Cedros beach is a point break with a powerful left that delights surfers of all levels.

It is also ideal for SUP, kayaking and fishing!

Torneo de surf en playa Los Cedros


It’s an ideal beach to spend the day and entertain everyone! It is also an ideal beach to stop for a while after work or after children’s school to disconnect from the routine – yes, there is routine in beach life too – and, reconnect with nature and enjoy life!

If you don’t know how to surf but would like to learn to ride good waves in Playa Los Cedros beach check out our surfing courses. If you already know how to surf but you don’t know this wave, we can help you to know it and improve your style.