Montezuma surfing
July is the middle of the green season in Costa Rica but, that does not mean it’s raining all day! -that happens in October when it’s the hurricane season on the Caribbean side and we receive the rain of the pacific ocean. In July the south of the Nicoya Peninsula has the perfect weather for Surfing and relaxing. Sunny days, rainy nights and warm water blessing the coast, surfing conditions are the amazing thanks to the cool weather that causes the absence of strong winds. Also, July is winter time in the south hemisphere which is loaded with big storms in the oceans close to Antarctica. These storms produce large swell with perfect orientation that travels through the south pacific ocean until approaching the coast of Montezuma, Cabuya and Santa Teresa where it finds different types of marine bottoms,- like Beach Brakes, Point Brakes, Reef Brake and Outer Reefs- and creates long and perfect waves for all kind of level and ages! July is a great month for surfing in Montezuma, Cabuya and Santa Teresa because it’s off the busie high season. There is less people around and in the water! Surfing session are more private and chill. Wildlife is lavish in July! With the rain everything burst back to life, the parrots and birds sing all day, the howler monkeys howl stronger and the frogs croak all night. The jungle is full of bright greens providing shades and shelter for the massive variety of wildlife in the area. Thirty five percent of Costa Rica territory is protected area. Montezuma, Cabuya and Santa teresa are surrounded by National Parks and biological corridors, nature and wildlife are everywhere!