Costa Rica Surfing

February is a great month for surfing in Costa Rica! This month is blessed by crystal see through water and awesome surfing conditions especially in the south of the Nicoya Peninsula because the water temperature never gets cool, the winds coming from the north turn northeast when arriving at the Gulf of Nicoya creating offshore winds in the Pacific coast all day long, the offshore winds help waves to break perfectly and even with tunnels.

Also, in February Costa Rica and especially Montezuma, Cabuya and Santa Teresa, due to its beaches and breaks facing to the north-west and south, receive great north swells for surfing. Created by the winter storms close to the oceans of Alaska that travel through the north Pacific ocean giving the chance to have a long period between waves that makes each wave have enough space to generate their own energy and collect enough water to finish breaking with good size and excellent form. So there are more quality waves on the surf break!

Run away from the cold winter and come surfing to Costa Rica in February! Sunny days, warm water and warm weather every day guarantee a pleasant and relaxed surfing practice. Also at night, the sky is full of stars perfect to enjoy a bonfire on the beach and meet people, since at that time there are many travelers from all over the world enjoying our beaches and nature.