Little surfer boy catching waves on a beautiful sunny beach day

Surfing is an incredible activity that brings great benefits to kids and adults alike. Surfing has no age limit, since using the right equipment and considering the waves you can practice from very young (our children started at 3 years old, playing slowly on the board) to an advanced age like the King of Pipeline, Gerry Lopez born in 1948 and still surfing in 2020! Like every sport, surfing brings many benefits, in surfing for kids the following 7 benefits stand out:

1- Motor Coordination & Balance

Paddling, connecting with the wave, standing at the right moment and finding balance on the board so as not to fall is an act of pure coordination and balance. Since children’s motor skills are still developing, surfing for kids at an early age can increase the development of those skills by helping them in other sports and activities.

2- Cardiovascular Exercise and Toning

Paddling and surfing require a great physical effort but being cool in the water children enjoy and exercise at the same time. Surfing requires the strength and specific work of the arms, back and glutes. In addition to toning these areas the abdominals are also toned which are used in most of the surfing maneuvers.

3- Reduces Anxiety and Hyperactivity

Another great benefit of surfing for kids is that it helps reduce nerves and release stress. Surfing provides a space for children to channel energy and release accumulated tension through exercise and connection to nature.

4- Saltwater Benefits

Seawater has a high concentration of minerals that provide great benefits to surfers. Some of these are: helping in the healing process, opening the breathing tubes and improving the mood. Who hasn’t changed their mood by a walk on the beach?

5- Connection with Nature

Surfing is a means of learning and contact with nature. Surfing for kids makes them participate in outdoor activities, surrounded by green and blue everywhere generating a deep respect and commitment to nature. Especially with the sea since they must learn to read the waves and tides and be in connection with the water in order to ride it, thus creating a deep connection with the sea.

 6- Patience and Tenacity

Little surfer girl and her personal coach to guarantee a fun and safe surf lesson

Patience and tenacity are a key element of all sports, and are no exception in kids’ surfing. Skill, technique, but above all, fun helps children develop patience and tenacity. Patience to wait for the waves and to know which one is yours. Persistence to keep paddling and get back in the waves again and again to feel that sense of freedom that surfing brings.

7- Surfing Philosophy

After all, surfing is not just a sport, but a way of life. The connection with nature is so stress-relieving to the point that banal things that seemed important are no longer important and one begins to pay attention to the happiness and peace that this activity brings. Other important factors in surfing are respect for nature and the sea and respect for other surfers. Even though surfing seems to be an individualistic sport, it is usually practiced with other surfers.

Surfing is a wonderful way to encourage children to have fun outdoors, respect nature, build confidence and learn important life lessons.

Our children’s surfing program consists of tailored classes that address children’s motor and concentration skills.  Check out our children’s surfing programs here.