Montezuma, Cabuya, Cabo Blanco in Costa Rica road sign

Montezuma is a beautiful town just 20 minutes from Santa Teresa, making it ideal for a day trip. It is characterized by its dirt roads, its incomparable bohemian flair and a vibrant cosmopolitan community. It has beautiful beaches for all tastes and many natural attractions. Among them is its famous waterfall, natural pools and magical beaches.

Playa Montezuma beach Costa Rica

Don’t let the small size of this town fool you, there are many things to do on a day trip to Montezuma!

Waterfalls, beach walks, surfing, nature reserves, zipline, horseback riding, boat trips, scuba diving and delicious international restaurants.

In our opinion the best way to spend a day in Montezuma and experience this town in depth would be:

Surfing at Playa Grande

Playa Grande is a beautiful beach that is a part of a nature reserve that is only accessible by foot. Here you can only encounter green, blue and gold. Monkeys, butterflies and crabs. Pure nature. It is approximately 20 -30 minutes walking, depending on your speed and if you decide to stop at the different beaches. Playa Grande is the ideal place to learn how to surf. The waves are the perfect size to learn how to surf and the bottom is a sand bank. 

Woman learning to surf in sunny beach Montezuma Costa Rica

Piedra Colorada

On the way back to Montezuma we recommend stopping at Piedra Colorada, a beach crossed by a river of freshwater that flows into the sea, to remove the salt from your body and refresh yourself. Piedra Colorada is a very particular beach, it has red stones and you can always find towers of stones piled up one on top of the other making perfect balance. It is said that in the past the Shamans used to work on this beach, so the energy is very special.

Towers of rocks at playa Piedra Colorada beach Montezuma Costa Rica


From May to November you can see turtles on the beach of Montezuma. Usually in the afternoons there is a release of baby turtles, seeing the little ones strive to reach the sea and start their marine life is certainly the perfect ending to a wonderful day at the beach in Montezuma. For more information about turtle releases please contact ASVO Montezuma.

baby turtle making its way to the sea

The best place to eat on the Montezuma Day Trip

After so much physical activity the body needs to recharge energy. Montezuma has an excellent and delicious variety of restaurants. They are all excellent and each one has its special characteristics but for this trip to Montezuma our selection takes into consideration the way back to Santa Teresa. We like the Montezuma waterfall road – Dog House – Santa Teresa as it is the shortest route and in best condition all year round. 

400 meters south of Montezuma Waterfall is Soda las Palmeras. The best typical food in the area, served on a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea and surrounded by nature. White-faced monkeys usually come to greet the guests. 

Clandestina is located up the hill from the Montezuma Waterfall, on the way to Santa Teresa. This delicious Latin American tapas restaurant is ideal for enjoying a cold home-brewed beer.

Montezuma Waterfall

The Montezuma Waterfall is one of Montezuma’s most popular attractions. It is actually 3 waterfalls. As you enter there are some pools that the locals call “la guitarrera”. After walking for about 20 minutes you will reach the first waterfall, which is the highest one, very nice for swimming and cooling down. To get to the 2nd and 3rd waterfalls there is a natural trail that a local can always point out, it’s a bit complicated so it’s worth the help of an expert. Particularly the first waterfall is gorgeous and enough for us!

It doesn’t necessarily have to be in this order but we do recommend checking the surfing schedule as it depends on the tides and therefore the schedule varies every day. However, the waterfall and the food are always there!