Scarlet Macaw release in Cabuya

Many years ago the scarlet macaw used to fly freely on the beaches of Cabuya, Montezuma, Tambor and Malpaís. Unfortunately, due to the unscrupulous cut down of trees and the illegal pet trade, the sighting of this beautiful bird has decreased until it’s almost total disappearance from the Nicoya Peninsula. That’s why we are joyful to have attended the first scarlet macaw release at Wild Sun Rescue Center in Cabuya

The Begin a Great Mission

AsoProLapa, a Scarlet Macaw breeding program on the Nicoya Peninsula has been working hard to reintroduce these beautiful birds in the area. Their research program include chips so researchers can follow the scarlet macaws, even if they happened to be taken into captivity. Furthermore, they promote local awareness campaigns through their educational workshops at schools and community centers. The first scarlet macaw release done by ASOPROLAPA, took place in 2007 when five pairs of macaws were returned to the wild.
The Fifth Annual Scarlet Macaw release took place in July 2019 when Wild Sun Animal Rescue Center released its first group of colourful birds to fly free in Cabuya for the first time in 50 years.
Thanks to its proximity to the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, Wild Sun is the perfect place to reintroduce Scarlet Macaws in Cabuya. In this area grows in abundance two of their main food sources, the mountain almond and beach almond. There are also few known predators of macaws in this area, making it an ideal place for reintroduction and growth of its population.

How you can help

We are proud of our commercial partner Wild Sun Rescue Center for their hard work introducing the scarlet macaw in the area. Thanks to their huge effort and dedication soon we’ll be able to see and hear the shining red, yellow and blue birds while learning to surf in Cabuya. If you would like to follow Wild Sun process to reintroduce the scarlet macaw to the area or to contribute with their huge mission click here.